Freelance Accounting
Accounting You Can Count On!

Freelance Accounting is about MORE than just Balancing Your Checkbook

It’s about taking care of your accounting, payroll and tax needs, allowing you to concentrate all of your resources on what matters most; increasing your revenue and reducing your tax bill.

Bookkeeping/Write-Up, Job Costing, Cash Flow, Budget Analysis, Tax Returns, Profitability, Audits


By helping you organize and analyze your accounting system and the money you are making . . . I can help you earn more!


Freelance Accounting will structure your accounting system around the needs of the business and its owner, with organization and great attention to detail through experience with several accounting software programs, specializing in QuickBooks.

Sometimes my clients like another set of eyes: someone to do the monthly reconciliation and specialized reports or general ledger review. Whether it's Mac or PC, Pro or Premier, Enterprise or Point of Sale. We also specialize in Non Profits, Churches too! 



My goal is to provide the best possible assistance with all your bookkeeping needs in an affordable, efficient, reliable and timely manner. 


Take the first step to higher profitability, lower accounting fees and greater peace of mind by contacting me today.  



I service all of Southern California.


1 877.800.7047


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